BATVOX is an expert 1:1 Voice Biometrics tool designed for criminal identification experts and scientific police to perform speaker verification and compile expert reports as evidence in court. BATVOX is the de facto standard Voice Biometrics forensic tool as it is used in court in more than 35 countries worldwide.

BATVOX is a pioneering tool that provides the precision and reliability required in court hearings, providing detailed speaker verifications with Likelihood Ratios (LR) using the Bayesian Approach (as for DNA analysis). The LR gives a robust estimation of the verification task, in a probabilistic way, which can be easily presented and justified in legal processes, with the support of an expert.

BATVOX allows organizing audio files and voice models by cases and sessions in which one or several calculations can be run, thus facilitating the investigation.

Two versions of BATVOX are available:

– BATVOX Basic: a single-user standalone solution for forensic experts based on a single machine;

– BATVOX Pro: a multi-user and distributed solution client-server ideally suited for larger organizations and laboratories, managing a central database, interconnected with users’ client PCs through a local network.

BATVOX Datasheet

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Frost & Sullivan White Paper describing the advantages of voice biometrics as a strong and easy to use authentication mechanism

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Case Studies

Cahuzac Investigation in France

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